Commercial Solar Installs

Switching your business to solar power is a no-brainer.

As your local Toowoomba commercial solar installers, we enable businesses to take advantage of the latest in solar energy technology. Reduce operating costs and meet your energy needs while contributing to a greener planet. We make it easy; our expert team is there to support you from system design to installation and ongoing maintenance. 


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Why Solar Power is the Future for Businesses


Reduce Operating Costs

With an instant tax write-off of up to $150,000, plus options for selling power to the grid and ability to adjust your power usage to match solar output, the ROI is guaranteed. 

Become a Greener Business

Increasingly important to the planet and your customers, solar can help you reach your sustainability targets and do your bit through clean, green energy. 

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Customised Energy Solutions

We don’t just install, but also design commercial solar systems to suit your building and specific energy and consumption requirements so you get the most value – both now and in the long-term.   

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How it Works

Step 1

Our team completes a full assessment of your business’s energy needs such as peak loads and consumption patterns. We also take into account your location and roof design.

Step 2

We provide you with a feasibility study and make a system recommendation and tailored quote. We can also assist with obtaining finance to lower up-front costs through our partners at Solaris Finance.

Step 3

After a thorough consultation, we will complete the install – carefully planned to cause minimal disruption to your business operations.

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Why Choose Arctic Energy?

To run a successful business, you need to partner with service providers who can provide a one-stop-shop solution. At Arctic Energy, we don't just source the highest quality solar products, but we design, install and carry out all ongoing servicing and inspecting in-house. We make the selection and installation process stress-free and easy, offering expert guidance to maximise the value your solar system will provide for your business – both now and in the future.

Transparent data for smarter energy choices

All our commercial solar system installations enable the business owner to monitor the performance of the system at any time. By being able to see live feeds from the grid, you can see exactly how much power you are buying/selling to the grid at any one time, and make adjustments to your power usage to match the solar output. With control of your own data, you can make energy choices that benefit your business and give you the most value from your solar system.

Commercial Solar FAQs

There are a range of solar rebates available for commercial properties and our team can advise on what you are eligible for during our initial assessment. When we provide our quote, we will always factor in the discount so you only have to pay the remaining amount.

You certainly can. We have teamed up with Solaris Finance to give our commercial customers competitive rates with fast turnaround times. There are options available whether you rent or own your commercial property and your solar finance can be structured in such a way that your monthly repayments are less than the energy saving. Talk to us today about options to finance your system. 

Arctic Energy is proud to be a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer, offering the highest standards in the Australian solar power industry according to The Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct. That means we offer long-term solar solutions using the highest quality products and guarantee the life of our install for a minimum of 5 years. The aim of The Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct is to lift the bar higher than the minimum requirements set by government regulations. It is the only solar industry code of conduct authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Absolutely. We offer full after-sale services to ensure every need is met during your ongoing use of your solar system, and carry out all servicing and inspecting through our in-house teams of experts. When it comes to Toowoomba Commercial solar panels and servicing, we do it all. 

After the initial tax savings (an instant tax write-off of up to $150,000), you will also receive ongoing savings through the ability to adjust your power usage and the option to sell excess power generated back to the grid through the Renewable Energy Target government financial incentive program. Talk to our team today to discuss how a commercial solar system can provide value and savings to your business. 

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